About Kathy Faber and Kathy Faber Designs images
Kathy Faber answers some of your frequently asked questions

How long have you been designing?
Kathy Faber has been designing bridal and eveningwear for 37 years and she has established clients throughout the East Coast. She designs to fit not only a woman's figure, but also her personality so that each client feels beautiful and confident in her one-of-a-kind Kathy Faber Design.

How are your prices compared to other stores?
Kathy Faber's prices are extremely fair and competitive with ready-to-wear fashions.

What are your favorite fabrics to design with?
Kathy Faber's designs are created with the most luxurious silks, laces, etc.

Do you sell only gowns at your store or also accessories?
Kathy Faber's boutique on Stafford Avenue in Bristol, CT also stocks beaded handbags, ornate shoes, veils and jewelry so each client can purchase all their accessories to complete their couture outfit.

Can I come in and try on dresses and purchase one of your designs off the rack or do I have to have one designed?
Kathy Faber's store has hundreds of her designs in stock for customers to try on and purchase, or they can have Kathy design a dress specifically for them.