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Avoid Seeing Double At The Prom

Kathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion Show At most high schools, girls will set up a Facebook page where they can share photos of their chosen prom dress...just so they're not surprised by someone wearing their same exact dress. There is an easier solution. Hit up a custom dress shop like Bristol's Kathy Faber Designs (KathyFaber.com). Go in with some ideas of what you want, and she will create a dress no one but you is wearing. And Faber keeps up on the latest trends. Katerina Belales of Southington wears a short dress, above, and a long gown, both perfect for prom that offer just the right amount of bling.
Days of Our Lives

Kathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion Show "Brady Black" appears at the 12th Annual Comcast Women's Expo on September 7 (also 6th), 2014 at the Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, CT as he walked the runway with models from Kathy Faber Designs Fashion Show.

(Photo by Sue Coflin/Max Photos)

Pretty Maids All In A Row: Finally Time For Bridesmaids To Choose Their Own Dresses?

Kathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion ShowWe've all the seen the disturbing photos. Like evidence from some sort of fashion crime scene, they are images of women wearing frozen grimaces, shellacked hair, and uncomfortable bouffant dresses in cotton candy pink, some even with matching lace umbrellas.

For years, bridesmaids just had to grin and wear it, no matter what gown the bride chose for her bridesmaids to wear. That finally may be starting to change.

"Brides are starting to realize that they don't need girls all in the exact same dress in order for it to feel like they have a cohesive, beautiful look," said Ashley Krauss, owner of A Little Something White Bridal Couture, a bridal boutique in Darien.

In fact, Krauss said, more and more of her clients are moving away from the traditional, matching bridesmaid dresses and instead are choosing dresses that coordinate in color and fabric while allowing the bridesmaids to pick their own style.

"People can wear what's flattering to their bodies," she said. "And it still allows the bride to be really happy with the overall look because even though it's not the same dress, the end result is still the same."

As this latest trend in bridal fashion gains traction, Krauss said, many of the designers they work with are responding by creating collections that coordinate in overall appearance, but offer different cuts to help flatter a wider variety of figures.

"Very rarely does a bridal party of girls come in the same shape and size. You can have two girls that are the same height and weight, but carry it differently," she said.

Bust lines, in particular, are often an issue and subsequently many dresses are now being made with different bodice options including single or double straps, strapless, cap sleeves, or halter-style tops, better allowing bridesmaids to feel more comfortable with the level of coverage they have.

However, readymade dresses don't always accommodate every figure and personality, which is why Kathy Faber, designer and business owner of Kathy Faber Designs LLC in Bristol, custom-designs and makes brides' and bridesmaids' dresses for her clients.

Kathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion Show"The nice thing about custom is that one bridesmaid wants strapless. Another girl with a little more of a bosom wants to order it with straps. We can do whatever it takes to be comfortable," Faber said. "Then you can get into the dress, go to the wedding and enjoy it instead of worrying about your appearance."

For many bridesmaids, it's a considerable improvement from the norm of spending hundreds of dollars on an uncomfortable dress that doesn't fit right, looks awkward in pictures and is usually worn only once before spending the rest of its life in the back of a closet.

"Years ago the trend was more that the bride made the decisions and you just had to go with it, but now everyone's voice counts and that makes it more interesting," said Faber.

And it's not just the cuts that are changing, but adherence to a single color is changing, too. Faber said that a lot of brides are now opting for bridesmaids' dresses in complementary colors that coordinate, but aren't identical, allowing bridesmaids to wear something that represents their style, while still giving the bridal party a unified appearance.

"Everyone's personality is different, as well as their body," said Faber. "And this way when they have them designed it not only fits their body and personality, it still keeps the bride happy by giving her the color and fabric she chose for the wedding."

Typically brides come to Faber six months to a year in advance to begin planning their dresses, which are usually ready to go about a month before the event. And on average most of her floor-length gowns cost around $260.

"We are competitive with ready-to-wear," she said. "And with ready-to-wear you're going to pay an additional $50 to $100 in alterations."

Several years ago, Tarah Zeiner met Faber when she was a bridesmaid in her sister-in-law's wedding. The Torrington resident said that other than the color and fabric, she and the other bridesmaids were able to choose whatever style dress they preferred.

"We just loved it," Zeiner said, which is why when she got married last year she had Faber make not only her bridesmaids' dresses, but her bridal gown as well.

"That's the reason I went back," she said. "I was excited that she could do whatever I wanted, so that was something I really wanted for my bridesmaids. I wanted them to be comfortable."

Happy and comfortable bridesmaids are what an increasing number of brides are looking for, said Faber, who makes roughly 600 dresses a year, including dresses for flower girls, mothers of the bride and other wedding party members.

"You have to feel good, because if you don't, you can't relax and enjoy the day," she said. "It's a celebration of love and you want everybody happy, comfortable and looking good."

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Kathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion ShowKathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion ShowKathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion ShowKathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion ShowKathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion ShowKathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion Show



The search is on for the perfect prom gown for high school seniors and juniors. Here, local designer Kathy Faber of Kathy Faber Designs on Stafford Avenue in Bristol (KathyFaber.com) offers up a selection of her custom-made gowns for the 2014 season. Hair stylist Bill Schrlau of Adam Broderick Salon in Southbury (Adam Broderick.com) provides a sampling of prom-worth looks. Make-up artist Brittany Monico of Forever Flawless of Bristol (Facebook.com/ForeverFlawlessArtistry) offers up some up-to-date looks. Appropriately enough, given the Imagine Nation's 10-year anniversary in 2014, the models were photographed at the children museum's colorful 1940s Soda Fountain. Imagine Nation is located at 1 Pleasant St., Bristol. For more information, call (860)314-1400 or go to www.imaginenation.org
Mercedes-Benz Dealership raises $19,000 at 2nd Annual "Runway For Wishes" Fashion Show for Make-A-Wish® Connecticut

Kathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion ShowMercedes-Benz of North Haven hosted its 2nd Annual Runway for Wishes Fashion Show on Saturday, May 21. In partnership with Make-A-Wish Connecticut, the show featured over 20 Wish Kids from throughout Connecticut, strutting their talents and fashions on the runway during an unforgettable experience of being in the fashion limelight.

Dresses were designed and donated to the female Wish Kids by Kathy Faber of Kathy Faber Designs, LLC. of Bristol, and shirts and ties were provided for the male Wish Kids by Brooks Brothers. Hair and makeup design was provided by Adesso Moda Salon.

"It is amazing when you see the hard work, dedication, and caring nature of people come together to pull off an event like this," shared Michael Vigeant, Make-A-Wish Connecticut Board Member and former wish recipient from 1988. "As a wish kid from almost 30 years ago, I am amazed at how the number of kids in need has grown, but more importantly, the number of people willing to address that need has also grown. I was privileged and honored to be a part of watching so many wish kids walk with confidence and see the smiles on their faces. A job well-done by all!"

All proceeds from the 2nd annual fashion show, presented by Mercedes-Benz of North Haven, will benefit Make-A-Wish Connecticut, which is celebrating their 30th anniversary of granting wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. The 1st Annual Runway for Wishes Fashion Show on June 6, 2015 contributed over $20,000 for the Make-A-Wish cause, bringing the annual celebration to a total of $19,000 in contributions.

"After holding this event last year, I wasn't sure it could get more rewarding..." remarked Adam Fox, General Sales Manager, Mercedes-Benz of North Haven. "I'll just say it did not disappoint. Between the enthusiasm of the 24 Wish Kids, the overwhelming response of the families and attendees, as well as the support from the community, we're just proud to be a part of the Make-A-Wish Connecticut effort of granting wishes to these incredible children."

Make-A-Wish Connecticut has granted over 2,600 wishes to children battling life-threatening medical conditions since it began in 1986. 2016 marks its 30th Anniversary as a chapter, and plan to grant 240 wishes this year alone. The average cost of a wish in Connecticut is $10,000.

As a reflection of the impact of Runway for Wishes on the Wish Kids that participated, one Wish Mother shared her thoughts in a Thank You note to Make-A-Wish: "Thank you so much for including Alex! He had a great time! As you can see from the pictures, he is very proud of his VIP badge. He came home and ran right into his room to hang it up! Right before he fell asleep he said "Mommy, I had a great day! I loved doing the runway!" You gave Alex an opportunity he would never have anywhere else.....and our family everlasting memories!! Thank you so much!"

Make-A-Wish Connecticut thanks Mercedes-Benz of North Haven and the community who joined in the celebration on May 21st. Thanks to the support of many, the power of a wish will continue to spread throughout the Connecticut Wish Family.

Fashion show raises $12,000 for hospital's Bradley Memorial campus
Kathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion Show The Hospital of Central Connecticut's Bradley Memorial campus Auxiliary fashion show Sept. 26 drew more than 430 people and raised $12,000. The annual dinner and show, "Passion for Fashion" was held at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington. Models from the hospital and community showed off fashions from Coldwater Creek, Kathy Faber Designs and Modern Formals of Southington. Proceeds will help pay for EKG machines at the Bradley Memorial campus.
Kathy Faber does ESPN Marriage Madness!
Kathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion Show "How cool!! We chatted about the planning of the wedding and how crazy busy our life has been. After we were on air, I headed to see Kathy Faber, who is making my wedding dress. The fitting went great and I am looking forward to the next fitting on May 18th. The dress looks fantastic.."
CT Women's Expo
Kathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion Show

Celebrity James Scott (E.J.Wells in "Days of our Lives") with Kathy Faber Design models at
recent CT Women's Expo.

(photo by Leo of Angel Moon Photography)

Connecticut Post Newspaper Article from February 4, 2004

Kathy Faber designs at the 2011 Fashion ShowDown the aisle: Below left is a beaded bridal gown from Kathy Faber Designs. Faber's custom dresses, ranging from the youngest member of the wedding, top right, to bridesmaids, right, were on view at last Sunday's Bridal Expo at the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport.
".. Nowhere was individuality more evident than in the Bridal Expo's three fashion shows, featuring the designs from Barbara Lee's Bridal Boutique in Monroe & Kathy Faber Designs LLC in Bristol.."

"There are still the traditional weddings, but many people are designing weddings appropriate to where they are having the event, said Kathy Faber, owner of Kathy Faber Designs LLC, a custom-design bridal shop."

"Kathy Faber said that some couples are choosing to marry at the beach or on a cruise ship, going for less formal wedding apparel, comfortable fabrics and versatile clothing that they can wear again instead of spending thousands of dollars for wedding outfits that then are wrapped in plastic and relegated to the back of a closet forever"

"The same goes for bridesmaids gowns, Faber said. Some brides are selecting two-piece outfits for their bridal party. Two pieces tend to be more flattering and can be worn after the wedding said Mary Ellen Fillo, the commentator for Faber's fashion show.."

"Even mothers of the brides and grooms are stepping away from tradition. They aren't going for the more traditional matronly appearance anymore Faber said"

"Mothers are much more youthful today. They are staying in shape. They want to look attractive, appropriate, elegant but understand that the focus must remain on the bride, Kathy Faber said."

"Brides, she finds, are going for timeless, classic gowns rather than the latest fashion trends. Some are moving away from white, even for a first wedding, to select instead soft pastel colors like beige, seafoam and pale pink, Kathy Faber said. She also stated that popular colors this year are eggplant, cranberry, tangerine and even red tones.."